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Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program Crop Insurance Disaster Assistance Program. We recently attended the Southeastern Fruit and Vegetable Conference in Savannah Georgia. We took a few moments to talk to the USDA's representatives there and discussed the problem of late frosts in the vineyards these last few years in North Carolina. They pointed us to a program called "Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program" You can find a short document here that could well save you thousands of dollars. This program will help those who thought crop insurance was out of their reach. It has a wide availability of options (especially for beginning farmers (<10 years as an owner/farmer), limited resource farmers, socially disadvantaged farmers, and veteran farmers. We urge you to call them and ask them for assistance and information. Here's the link to their brochure.

Some important changes were just announced on January 10, 2023:

Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance

NAP provides financial assistance to producers of non-insurable crops when low yields, loss of inventory or prevented planting occur due to natural disasters. Basic NAP coverage is equivalent to the catastrophic level risk protection plan of insurance coverage, which is based on the amount of loss that exceeds 50% of expected production at 55% of the average market price for the crop. 

Previously, to be eligible for NAP coverage, a producer had to submit an application (Form CCC-471) for NAP coverage on or before the application closing date. For 2022, if a producer has a Socially Disadvantaged, Limited Resource, Beginning and Veteran Farmer or Rancher Certification (Form CCC-860) on file with FSA, it will serve as an application for basic coverage for all eligible crops having a 2022 application closing date and all NAP-related service fees for basic coverage will be waived for these producers. 


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