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The Fine Wines of NC was established in 2020 as a 501(c)(3) with this purpose: Education related to Vinifera & Hybrid Grapes in support of enology, fermentation, viticulture, hospitality, agritourism for Industry & the Public. Hold a wine competition/other education events to advance NC knowledge & appreciation of varietals/wine.

Help us support the NC wine industry's growth by donating to our 501(c)(3) Scholarship Fund.  The fund is managed by the Winston-Salem Foundation, and 100% of your donation goes directly to the fund.  Click here to donate.


In December 2021, the NC Fine Wines Society dissolved their organization and donated their assets to a newly formed 501(c)(3), Fine Wines of NC.  This organization's main purpose is Education related to vinifera & hybrid grapes in support of enology, fermentation, viticulture, hospitality, agritourism for Industry and the Public.  Hold Wine Competition/other educational events to advance NC knowledge and appreciation of varietals/wine.  

L-R Cathy McLaughlin, NCFWS Board; Willie Leak 2017 NC Fine Wines Scholarship Recipient; Barbara Raffaldini, NCFWS Board

(L-R Cathy McLaughlin, Willie Leak 2017 NCFWS Scholarship Recipient; Barbara Raffaldini)  

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North Carolina was the largest producer of wines in the United States prior to Prohibition.  As consumers were no longer able to purchase wine, the agricultural industry shifted to growing tobacco. Alcohol production switched to the mountains, creating the legendary North Carolina bootleggers. 



North Carolina is on the radar once again.  Vinifera and Hybrids varieties are being grown and vinified at North Carolina wineries.  As of 2016, North Carolina is ranked 7th nationally in annual production of grapes, and 10th for wineries.  Now with five American Viticultural Areas (Yadkin Valley, Swan Creek, Haw River, Upper Hiwassee Highlands, and Appalachian High Country) even bigger success is fermenting.



North Carolina is known for its diverse terrior, which allows a wide pallete of varietals to flourish and grow in our state.  And as results from our competition have proven, the success of our industry is here to stay.  And we will continue to collaborate and improve upon the success already achieved.  


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Fine Wines of NC

934 W 5th Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27101-2520 

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