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Without continual growth & progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. - Benjamin Franklin

The NC Fine Wines Competition is recognized as the toughest wine competition in the country.  All of our judges are at least Level 3 Advanced Sommeliers; judges taste blind; no discussion during judging; and judges notes & scores are shared with vineyards.  

Why so serious?  Because of our drive to improve requires us to constantly

raise the bar.   As in life, it is only through constant feedback and struggle can we 

enjoy success.  






North Carolina Fine Wines is more than a competition, it is a brand.  Customers' palates are improving, and they know how wines should taste.  That's why we have professional tasters judging.  That's why in only our first year, the James Suckling group tasted the winning 2017 NC Fine Wines Case.  And that's progress!  

Vineyard Benefits


  • Advanced Sommelier Feedback

  • Significant Media exposure throughout year

  • This web page for promotions.

  • Awards Gala for Public & Industry

  • Supports Academic Scholarship for NC students attending NC colleges

  • Simple Entry via Enofile Online

  • Membership in the NC Fine Wines Society and featured in Marketing & Networking projects

Updated Entry Rules


We set the bar high and we had a lot of feedback  Each year we'll highlight the changes for the current year's competition.  

Major changes:
 Two Bottles instead of Three for each submission.

  1. Dessert Category can be Vinifera, Hybrid, or a blend of Hybrid and Vinifera.

  2. Minimum production of 25 cases for each wine entered.


NC Fine Wines Society

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