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The NC Fine Wines Society is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit.  We partner with our Sponsors to help grow mutually beneficial results.  We are entrepreneurs and know how difficult it is to make the books balance, and the importance of how to invest in our future.  Hey - we plant stuff and don't expect a good crop for at least 3 years.  So we are in it for the long haul, and want to partner with those who know that the best success is gradual and incremental.  

Contact us below, and see how we can partner with you to help North Carolina local producers to create a partnership that pairs with the best wines North Carolina has to offer.



Business Presence


Sponsorships for the NC Fine Wines Society allow your business to be featured where both large and small producers are congregating to improve their business.  Sponsors grab the attention of both the vineyards and their patrons.


 And NC Fine Wines isn't just a once and done event.  We promote all year long, because there is always something going at the vineyards.



We work with each of our sponsors and collaborate on what would be the best value for their sponsorship dollars.  Either access to private events, pairing vineyard events with their employee recognition days, or expanding their B2B products to the vineyards and their patrons.  


Ask us how we can partner with your business.

Be Creative

Who would benefit from Sponsorship?  Lots of businesses touch the daily lives of our affluent patrons. 

  • Jewelers

  • Financial Institutions

  • Real Estate / Holiday Rentals

  • Luxury Automotive Dealers

  • Super Market Chains

  • Farm Suppliers

  • Travel & Leisure

  • Restaurants

Give us a call at (336) 499-2045

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NC Fine Wines Society
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Winston-Salem, NC 27120-0112

Tel: 336-499-2045

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