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Silver Fork Winery - Wines with a View

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Silver Fork Winery - Morganton, NC
Old Chardonnay Vines in Early Summer

It's easy to see why people are talking about Silver Fork Winery in Morganton North Carolina. Last year as we were in the process of visiting over 100 vineyards in North Carolina, we had some help in scoping out this location. Friends of ours were travelling from the Triad up to the mountains for a weekend, and asked us if there was a winery that they should visit on the way. We hadn't made it yet to their Silver Fork Winery yet, but I had researched it online and read the comments on social media, and suggested that they visit Silver Fork. Needless to say, they loved it. Their sage advice to us was to make sure we stopped there on the way up to the mountains, because that way we would be sure to get a repeat visit on the way back too. Advice well given and followed.

Shade sails form a beautiful cover

So what's the backstory behind Silver Fork Vineyards & Winery? Two people looking for a way to make a difference in life, for both themselves and their community. That's what we see and hear so often in our visits to vineyards both around the state and beyond. I'll tell you, it is never because the owners wanted to make a ton of money. It's done because of the passion to the land and the almost artistic need to create. Create a space, location, ambiance, and wine. Jennifer and Ed have done that in spades at Silver Fork.

Their tasting room has one of the most stunning views of any that we've visited, both around the state and the east coast. Their wines are very well made, and here's the important part: Their wines taste as beautiful in the kitchen back home as the do on their patio. What stands out for us was the Chardonnays, Cabernet Franc & Sauvignon, Merlot, and the Four Dog Red wines. The Four Dog Red is a blend named after their growing family of dogs that have made Silver Fork their home. If you're there on the weekends, you can try out the Farm to Fork Eatery while you're enjoying the wine or enjoying one of their events.

This year they've completed an event space right below the tasting room. It's beautiful inside and will be the spot for many a wedding, anniversary, reunion, birthday, or corporate party. It's really such a natural progression for a vineyard like Silver Fork where you have people who visit, want to hang out there, have a wonderful vibe and enjoy their time. You just need to have a bigger space that you can celebrate life's special moments. Now they have that space for all of us.

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