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Burntshirt Vineyards - Local Wines

Burntshirt Vineyards Entrance

Burntshirt Vineyards Winery

If you're out in the Asheville area visiting one of the big houses there, you are just a 30 minute drive from Burntshirt Vineyards where they have 100% estate grown grapes and wines made from their two vineyards. Why the name Burntshirt? Well the story goes that on Burntshirt Mountain, the farmers would burn the pastures to clear the land and would throw their shirts in to ensure a good harvest. Burntshirt Vineyards is open everyday except Christmas, and that makes it easy to get by and see them.

Owners Lemuel and Sandra Oates started the vineyards back in 2009 with the planting of vines to sell grapes to other wineries. However, they decided that they could

Burntshirt Tasting Room

harvest their own grapes and make their own wines, and so they opened the tasting room in September of 2012. Now that they've been open five years, it's amazing to see the growth. You'll find the winery, the tasting room, an outdoor covered patio overlooking the vineyard, and then also an events space that opens up to another extensive outdoor area. There are all kinds of places around the tasting room to sit in the sun and shade, and the porch rockers are always prime real estate.

The wines from the vineyard's have always done well and are varietally correct in their flavors. One of our favorites that you don't see often in North Carolina is a Grüner Veltliner. One of our friends who knew his wine used to say that this Grüner Veltliner will go with any type of meal. This vinifera grape varietal is typically grown in Austria and Czech Republic where it is as popular as a Chardonnay is here. Go through a tasting of all their wines and find out what one is your favorite.

The location has never failed to impress us upon arrival. It doesn't matter if it is Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, you'll find the grounds beautifully manicured and their decorations would make Martha Stewart jealous. There are several areas where you can plan an event, or just take the tour of the winery and barrel rooms. If you want to stay for the night you'll find the charming 1939 stone Vintner's Cottage right next to the tasting room. Also, just a couple of miles down the road, you'll find another location to rent through Burntshirt's VRBO. You may want to act now and get yourself confirmed for a leaf-peeping, wine tasting, relaxed travel vacation room.

So come on out to the Hendersonville and taste some NC Fine Wines.

Burntshirt Vineyards Tasting Room Vines View

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