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Windsor Run Cellars - Wine & Spirits

Help us celebrate North Carolina's Wine Month by sharing this blog with your friends. We'll be featuring a vineyard every day this month, and all of them are members of the North Carolina Fine Wines Society. Please like our Page on Facebook and share with your friends.

Just a half mile separates Windsor Run Cellars from its sister vineyard Shadow Springs Vineyard. And just like sisters, they have their own personalities, even though they have a lot of the same heritage. If Shadow Springs is the sister who went to #UNC, then Windsor Run is the sister who went to #NCState. Both like to party, but one likes a little liquor thrown into the mix.

Windsor Run Cellars is located in the Swan Creek AVA area, and so you'll have a lot of places to see and visit around there. The fun vibe at Windsor Run Cellars let you enjoy the wine and have a good time. And by the way, they have a distillery here too, so try and take their tours. It is best to schedule the tours ahead of time, because they can fill up quickly. The staff at the bar have always been great to let you know what tasting would be best for you. And servers are also knowledgeable about how the wines and liquors are made. This is the first winery and distillery in North Carolina under the same roof. One can only imagine what kind of red tape and obstacles that created. Recent changes in the state laws now allow you to buy additional bottles of liquor each year. But the good news is you can find the Windsor Run spirits in many of our ABC stores.

The vineyard here also grow some interesting hybrids like Chardonel and Chambourcin. Hybrids are grapes that have taken the best qualities of two varietals and combine them. The optimum for this is to have a grape with great flavor pair with another that grows with ease and minimal work. So check out these types of varietals if you haven't already. There are some great wines being made from hybrids in North Carolina. The tasting is the perfect was to discover if you like these varietals.

If you're going to be out for a day in the vineyards, take the advice that we got from Windsor Run years ago. Go a few minutes down the road to the Shiloh General Store, run by the local Amish Community, and grab some fresh made sandwiches and snacks. Then you can have them with you and you can picnic wherever you want during the rest of the day.

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