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Junius Lindsay Vineyard-French Wine Bar

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Junius Lindsay in Lexington NC Tasting Pavilion

Owner Michael Zimmerman is almost always at the vineyard to welcome you. He started the vineyard in 2004, but like many vineyard owners, he has been preparing for years to make his vineyard a place to visit, even before he planted the first vines. It goes back to his travels throughout Europe where he developed a love of their wines.

Junius Lindsay - Second Leaf 2013

In 2004, the vineyard was planted on his family's property on just over 10 acres in Lexington. Junius Lindsay Zimmerman was Michael's grandfather, and is from whom the vineyard gets its name. Michael told us that in his previous work, he travelled extensively throughout Europe, and he loved the Southern French styled wines. He wanted his wines to pay homage to the The Yadkin Valley's AVA by growing Rhone varietals in his vineyard - Viognier, Syrah, Petit Syrah, Grenache, and Roussanne. All of Michael's wines are made from grapes grown at his vineyard. These wines are made in Lexington and they may be French styled, but they are not pretentious at all. They'll go as well with a terrine of fois gras or a Lexington Chopped BBQ plate.

Junius Lindsay - End of Summer drink

At the end of summer last year, we had friends visit who had traveled with us to Provence

France. We brought them to Junius Lindsay because they love Rosé wines from France. It was probably the last 90 degree day of September, and we were lucky enough to buy the very last bottle of Rosé from Michael. Wine for me is about the location, what you're drinking, and who you're with at the moment. It was great for us to wander back to Provence and imagine our view of Roussillon, a red painted town just across from our VRBO Villa in Murs. Good times created, and then reimagined, regenerated, and alive again in a sip. I won't say that our friends were surprised by the quality of the wine, because they have been open to trying North Carolina Fine Wines for years now.

Junius Lindsay Tasting Pavilion

No surprise. No shock. No doubt. That's what's happening for those of us who have been tasting wines around the state of North Carolina. The fine wines are showing themselves to be the star attraction. We know you'll find a wine that will go well with your next meal. There's no doubt that North Carolina can produce wines to go on any table. For us, we like to make it simple: grab a hunk of cheese, a baguette, and a bottle of wine. That's a balanced meal. Michael and his team will help you pick out the perfect bottle for you.

So pull into their open aired tasting room. The weather won't matter. Check out their music events where the music pairs well with friends, wine, and views, without overpowering you.

Junius Lindsay Tasting Room looking out

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