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Flint Hill Vineyards - A Case of Years

Flint Hill Vineyards - Since in 2005

Flint Hill Vineyards opened in 2005, and now a case of 12 years later it is still going strong. Brenda and Tim Doub are the owners who both believed that family life on a farm is something that they wanted for their family. The land here had been in the family for over a hundred years, and so they started a vineyard to grow with their family.

Flint Hill Vineyards - view from Tasting Room Parking Lot
Awards for the wines at Flint Hill Vineyards

Flint Hill Vineyards' tasting room is in the restored home from 1889, with an intimate tasting room and other spaces for events and dinners. The home is located right next to the vineyards where you can see as you pull into their area. Their grounds surrounding the house have tables and chairs for you to bring your own food and picnic with a bottle you choose from their collection of about 8 wines. Their wines are made from grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, Viognier, and Chardonnay. With eight wines, it is easy to do a tasting, and then buy a bottle to enjoy and take the rest home - if you have any left.

We recommend you re-cork the bottle, put it in a bag and take it home. You can take an opened bottle of wine with you, but it is best to place it in a cool spot in your car like the trunk.

Tasting Room lineup

The grounds are also a great use for events. There is a stage that has some very talented guest artists perform their best. From the end of May to beginning of October, there is a music series on Sundays where Tim fires up the wood in the outdoor pizza oven to create pizza masterpieces for the guests. And while we have visited Flint Hill Vineyards many times, it always seemed like our calendars were conflicted for the pizza Sundays. Well, lucky for us we finally did

get there this year, and they exceeded the expectations. You can also get special food creations other than pizza. So pizza fan or not, you'll eat well and drink very well. And as we see at many vineyards, you'll see multiple generations of people enjoying the experience of a vineyard and community coming together.

So drive on over to Flint Hill Vineyards in East Bend, NC for a taste of some North Carolina Fine Wines. Do a flight and bring back a bottle for later. Here's a snippet of what you can expect on Sundays Pizza nights. Apologies for the shaking cell phone video, but you'll get the idea of what to expect. Tim is in the video tending to the pizzas in the oven.

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