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2nd Annual Awards Gala

Happy Valentines Day everyone. If you haven't bought your Valentine a gift yet, you can't go wrong with a five course dinner this coming Saturday night at the Millennium Center in Winston-Salem. The Wines are 100% North Carolina grown and made. You can't get more local than that. If you love wine, you'll find a crowd of peers in this group. We have Vineyards, Industry and just good people like you who enjoy wine and friendship. Our link will take you to all the information.

So this is our second Awards Gala. We're getting things ready to make it not just a night of great food and wine and friendship, that's relatively easy. We're looking to give you just a little window into the struggle of local businesses to get their products tasted in a fair and equitable manner.

This competition is tough - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We again had a panel of Advanced Sommeliers from the Court of Master Sommeliers judge the wines as wines. Not just "Wines from North Carolina". If you buy Chicken, it should taste like Chicken. If you buy a Merlot, it should taste like a Merlot. Yes, there have been struggles for the industry and North Carolina has its challenges, but as you'll see, many vineyards are getting it done, and making great wines. These Advanced Somms continue to spread the word to the industry that there is a new player on the scene, and they are serious about winemaking.

So thanks to those vineyards who are supporting our cause, and we hope that you'll support their efforts by visiting their vineyards, buying their wines, and telling the story to your friends that North Carolina makes damn good wine.

A Special Thanks too for our Sponsors. They help to make it all happen, and know how this $2 Billion Dollar Business can grow.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day and perhaps extend the love through the weekend by coming to the Gala.

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