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Adagio Vineyards - Slowly with Passion

Help us celebrate North Carolina's Wine Month by sharing this blog with your friends. We'll be featuring a vineyard every day this month, and all of them are members of the North Carolina Fine Wines Society.

Adagio's First Traminette of 2017

Each time we visit Adagio Vineyards for a glass or a bottle of wine, Douglas is always welcoming you like it is the first time there. He was telling us on our last visit about how people are discovering the wines from both in and out of the state of North Carolina. Those from out of state really can't believe the Southern Hospitality shown them is real. But, you know at Adagio, it is.

Adagio Vineyards is owned by Drs. Tim & Jan Wahl, who are both practicing dentists, and they also have an affinity for music. Jan is also a luthier, or violin maker. So now you'll know why you'll run into violins in the tasting room, or featured on a weekend when Adagio is hosting an event with music. Adagio is a musical term that means "Slowly with Passion", and that's really what vineyard life is like. Well, except for the harvest time! It takes a while for you to learn what grows in your vineyard well. What grape varieties struggle, but are worth the struggle. And then you have to wait years to see if the vines will live up to their potential in your terroir. And mostly, you have to have a passion to want to make great wine. Wine comes in yearly cycles, not a batch that you can do once a month. There is so much riding on every step of the process to produce a quality wine, you have to have patience, fortitude, and passion.

Lucky for us, we can just go and enjoy the wine, music, and other events. Adagio Vineyards also has a fun class where you can make your own coasters from your pictures. I think this is something we could do for Christmas gifts, especially since most of our friends enjoy a good beverage.

Unloading the Bins at Adagio Vineyards

The vineyards are not far away from the winery, just down the road a bit. We were lucky enough to go and watch them harvest the Traminette. The group was out early in the morning, selecting by hand the ripest grapes and hauling buckets back to the bins. Then the truck loaded up the bins, which could hold almost a half ton of grapes in each, to be dropped off at the winery. Dr. Tim setup the bladder press and they were on their way to making wine going into the chilled cooler.

Adagio Vineyards Dr. Tim Wahl & Arandell juice

Dr. Tim is working on a wine made from a Hybrid grape called Arandell, and boy is it a deep, luscious red. He showed me a glass of it and it looks almost as dark as a Petit Verdot. I'm really looking forward to that wine being released. With the deep dark colors, I hope the Drs. Wahl will be offering a teeth whitening special discount that goes with a case of Arandell.

So while you're out driving around in the Elkin area, why not stop in and meet Douglas, have a glass of wine, and maybe even get a little classical music to make your weekend relaxed and tasteful.

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