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Shadow Springs - Taste their Classic Varietals

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Shadow Springs Vineyard - Hamptonville NC

You'll find Shadow Springs in Hamptonville North Carolina in the Swan Creek AVA. As you pull into the entrance you'll see a beautifully manicured vineyard with rows after rows of vines. Shadow Springs has over 10 acres of grapes, including the traditional classics like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Petit Verdot, Viognier, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. Also in the vineyard are the French American Hybrids Chambourcin and Seyval Blanc that do particularly well in our region. On your visit, make sure to stop and look at their vine support system called Open Lyre.

Riedel Glasses make all the diference

The tasting room will come into view as you turn the corner in the drive. The tasting room opened

Shadow Springs Vineyard Tasting Room

in 2008, and really takes great advantage of the location's views with large windows overlooking the vineyard. The open and airy tasting room has a spacious tasting bar, and lots of spaces to gather as a group or pick out a private spot for a conversation. On cold days, you can find a cozy place to sit inside by the fireplace, or enjoy their air conditioning inside on those hot days. With both open and closed spaces on their deck, you'll have wonderful unobstructed views. Additionally, there is plenty of outdoor seating where you can stroll down to the Gazebo and just get away from it all with a bottle of wine. You'll probably run into owner Chuck Johnson as he's checking on the vines and the tasting room customers to see that all is going well.

There are a wide variety of wines made, and you'll find one that suits your style whether you prefer sweet or dry. We always encourage that you taste the wines and see how they are showing to you. I really like the Big Red tasting, because

that's where I tend to land on the wine spectrum. The Riedel glasses are a very special touch to this refined tasting experience.

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