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Cellar 4201 - NC Boutique Wines

Cellar 4201 - Great Wines in East Bend

Cellar 4201 is a family owned business and Greg and Donna are the two at the helm in the operation. Donna and Greg have a vineyard because of their passion for wine. They make limited amounts of wine by choice, and their selection of varietals is important. Greg is the back of house, running the vineyard, and Donna is front of house working with the clients. It's a partnership that works to bring great wines and fun times to Cellar 4201.

2017 Harvest of the Chardonnay with Greg and Donna

I was recently out at the vineyard as they were harvesting their Chardonnay grapes. Greg was pleased with the crop, and he thinks that he has some of the best grapes that they've had in years. Last year most of the state lost their Chardonnay crop because of a late frost. Greg said the deep frost afforded him the opportunity to do a hard pruning for the vines and this year they responded very favorably. Donna was there too, picking through the bunches as they were being dumped into the bins, ensuring only the best grapes made it. That's the benefit of going limited production.

Enjoying a laugh at the Cellar 4201 tasting bar

Depending on the time of year, they carry about 7 or 8 wines. Stainless or Oaked Chardonnay and a Rosé for the white fans. And then the reds will vary from the food friendly Sangiovese up to a powerhouse Cabernet Sauvignon, Warrier and Cherokee Red.

Plenty of room at the bar Cellar 4201

The Tasting Room is inviting and a can hold a good crowd of people. After tasting, people spread out of the patio where welcoming cushioned seats and tables invite you to sit and relax. There is an area for you to play too, with a cornhole and bean bags. The patio is surrounded by flowering bushes and plants and there always seems to be a breeze or a shaded umbrella spot even on the hottest days. The tasting room staff welcome you and add to the fun at the counter. Aaron and Mary seem to have as much fun at the bar as the people they serve. And that's the vibe here. Just a good relaxed place that plays some of the best music. It's like a neighborhood get together spontaneously erupted and you're there.

Cellar 4201 Patio

We were there one day and there was a bunch of people that were really having a great time. We asked them what was the reason for their gathering, and they said there wasn't one. It was the "wine club", and they just get together and visit vineyards and share time together. And then we were invited into the group's fun. They really appreciate the local wines and their club started out as a church group that shared an interest in wine.

And it is still going strong years later.

Cellar 4201 is a short drive from downtown Winston-Salem to East Bend. It's part of the of the Yadkin River Wine Trail, and we like to do it as an East Bend wine trip.

Cellar 4201 - Big Reds for Cab Sauvignon Fans

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