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Russian Chapel Hills Winery - Iconic Wines

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St. Anna Chapel at Russian Chapel Hills Winery
St. Anna Chapel in the Vineyard
Inside the St. Anna Chapel

We first visited Russian Chapel Hills Winery in the Spring of 2015, as we were travelling through the Western North Carolina visiting vineyards. The winery is only an hour south of Asheville, or a beautiful 90 minute drive from Charlotte. The vineyards were established back in 2004 when they were known as Green Creek Vineyards. As the grapes matured, others came to the business to help propel the vineyards forward. Andrey Medvedev joined the venture to help manage and grow the grapes on their vineyard. In 2013, they opened their winery and had their first crush. The name changed from Green Creek Vineyards to Russian Chapel Hills Winery in 2013, and the St. Anna Chapel was built in the vineyard. .

Beautifully crafted seating area in the tasting room

The winery has a small tasting area for about 10 people, but there are plenty of places for people to spread out on this property. The wooden tables and counters and art display the appreciation for fine craftsmanship. There is also a large porch area with plenty of seating there or on the patio area next to the vineyard.

But all of that is just leading up to the selection of wines. Their wines are made from 100% local grapes. There are a wide variety of grapes and styles to choose from here. From local muscadines to Mead, to more commonly known varieties like Chardonnay, Merlot, and Tempranillo. The wines are well done, and you're going to find your favorite to bring out to the large porch, to sit, relax, contemplate, and enjoy.

You must go out to the vineyard and visit the Chapel of St. Anna, Jesus's grandmother. The stylings and woodwork again are very impressive and the location in the vineyard makes it a very serene spot to reflect. We're thankful that we had the chance to go there a few times since our first visit and get to experience the winery and the area.​

Icon in the Chapel

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