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Divine Llama Vineyard - "I'll Packa" Wine from them.

Help us celebrate North Carolina's Wine Month by sharing this blog with your friends. We'll be featuring a vineyard every day this month, and all of them are members of the North Carolina Fine Wines Society. Please like our Page on Facebook.

Since we were virtually in the East Bend area for our blog (yesterday we visited Flint Hill Vineyards), let's take a 10 minute virtual drive from Flint Hill Vineyards to Divine Llama Vineyard.

While I have been a huge fan of llamas for years, I have to say the llamas are simply barkers at the vineyard. So yes, you cute, cuddly adorable guys, you do your job well. When you can put ponies in the backseat of cuteness, you have untold power. There is nothing as fun as going out on a llama trek through nature and having these guys carry your pack for you. And yes, this does happen. So we encourage our little barkers to keep up their jobs as wine ambassadors, getting people to taste some NC Fine Wines.

Once you get past the cuteness, there is the wonderful country setting of the tasting room. The wrap around porch invites you to sit and rock away a hot afternoon with a glass of wine and catch up with your friends and family.

The wines are from sweet to dry and from white to deep red. They grow a mix of Vinifera and Hybrids, and with 11 styles, you're bound to fine one that suits you well . My pick is the Traminette for summer and Cabernet Franc for the winter. But do yourself a favor, and go through their tasting and see what works best on your palate. The best wine is the one that taste best for you.

Getting ready for the outdoor concert.

So go on over to Divine Llama and taste yourself some great North Carolina Wines, catch a llama selfie, and toast yourself

The Vineyard at Divine Llama Vineyard East Bend, NC

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