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Roaring River Vineyard - A growing French Village in Traphill

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Roaring River Vineyards Entrance

Cathy and I first had had the pleasure of being guests at the Roaring RIver Vineyards back in late 2016. We were driving back from the Asheville area, and decided we would try to visit the vineyard in time for a late afternoon tasting. Don't miss the grand entrance to the vineyard, for it sets the stage for what you're about to experience. You will face the sloping hillside that keeps the vines' roots dry and facing the sun. As you curl around the base of the vineyard you'll see row of buildings along the riverside.

The row of buildings has a resemblance to a village you would see placed on a fireplace at Christmas. First is the wine tasting room and the restaurant, then you slope down and there are few vacation rentals for guests who want to stay and enjoy the river fishing and the peaceful site. There's the outdoor fireplace patio, and next to that is the pavilion for music and parties. Followed by that there is a bocce ball area. And then you can walk down the steps to the river where you can sit, sip, and dip your feet to cool off on a hot day. From all locations you'll have the view of the river and hear the sound of it going past.

RoRiVineyards Best Vineyard Readers Choice 2017 Tribune

Inside the tasting room, you'll find a cozy and comfortable bar and room to sit down to enjoy a glass or two in the a lounge. The other half of the hall houses their restaurant.

In July Roaring River Vineyards celebrated their one year anniversary. We went with a couple of students who were from Spain and Armenia. And we ran into two other students in the same program at Wake Forest University. They all received some great North Carolina BBQ and we all enjoyed the music at their outdoor pavilion. Keep your eye on the restaurant and food events based on that day's success.

Roaring River has rental locations for you too. The cabins make a great place to stay and enjoy the area. You could base yourself here and visit several other vineyards in the area. That way when you do stay, you'll get to have their wine and chat with Tom and Josephine about what's next in their plans for Traphill's French Quartier.

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