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The North Carolina Fine Wines Society was established in 2016 as a nonprofit with two goals. The first goal is to promote the quality of North Carolina Fine Wines (Vinifera & Hybrids). The second goal is to fund a scholarship for NC students, attending NC Colleges or Universities, pursuing careers in Enology, Viticulture, and wine related Hospitality and Agritourism programs. In 2017, we had success on both goals.  We set the national standard for a statewide competition, and we awarded the first of many scholarships to come.  

2018 NC Fine Wine ShowCase


What are Fine Wines?


Fine Wines are those wines you would find in any restaurant around the world. Vinifera wines are commonly known as varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Riesling.  Common  Hybrids are Traminette, Seyval Blanc, and  Chambourcin that produce well structured wines.

NC Fine Wines Competition
  • 100% North Carolina Grown & Vinified Grapes

  • Our judges have all received their certification of Level 3  Advanced Sommeliers

  • Wines are judged blind and mute

  • Judges tasting notes are provided back to vineyards confidentially

This is not a participatory medal competition.



We strongly believe that only through great education and feedback will North Carolina continue to grow their Fine Wines Industry.  We have established a scholarship program with the Winston-Salem Foundation to help ensure that as we move forward, there will be a large pool of talented people working in the North Carolina wine industry.  Click here to donate to our 501(c)(3) scholarship fund.  100% of your donation goes towards the fund, and company matches are encouraged.  




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